Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tax Man is on my sh*t l*st

If you read one of my early posts, you know that I was a first time homebuyer last June. To get the credit it requires people to paper file their tax return. I brought all my documentation to the tax guy (because there was just so much stuff I did not feel comfortable doing it myself) on MARCH 17th, in hopes that the luck of the Irish would ensure a speedy process. Yeah right!!!

During my visit I learned that to be able to claim the septic installation, (before we could pass papers - a new septic had to be installed and we paid for part of it) I needed to get the certificate of compliance from town hall. A few more documents were needed, as was a list of all the donations to charities over the past year to do an itemized return. It took me about a week to get all that stuff together and I dropped it off.

A couple weeks went by and I was thinking he must be done by now, he had to ask some other professionals some questions that arose from our meeting. I called him a couple weeks later, he was busy so I left a message asking for him to return my call with the office administrator. A couple days went by, no return call, so I went to his office after work. My phone call did not rate for a return call... he came down the stairs and had a somewhat surprised look on his face. The 'good' part was he remembered my name when he saw me. We spoke a little, I mentioned I had called and left a message but had not heard back, he said he had not returned my call as he was not done with my return. My thought is return my call and tell me you know I called and just have not had a chance to finish it yet. Don't IGNORE me. Grrrrr. He tells me he will move me to the top of his pile and muttered something about the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

Around April 14th ... I called again, I spoke with him and he told me he still has not done but there's good news, because of the flooding and Plymouth County it was declared a disaster zone and the deadline has been extended to May 11th. Yay for him bad for me, I want my return NOW! I have big plans for my tax monies. This new house I've been living in since late last June is starting to wear on me bad. This time he tells me he has moved my return to the top of the pile. Um huuummm I've heard that before. I called him on May 9th and he tells me that he hopes to get it done so he wont have to request an extension but that it is possible he wont get it done for the deadline. Are you kidding me? Right? So guess what, May 11th comes and goes and my taxes are STILL not done yet. I am livid.

I am supposed to get the first time homebuyer credit monies, a return on Federal, and a return on State!!! I have plans for it and time is ticking on the good weather. I need my land surveyed, fence installed and gardens started, not to mention the interior work I want done, and exterior siding and the roof. No one wants to do a roof in August! I get all worked up everytime I drive home and pull in the yard.

I had problems with this company last year too but not nearly this bad. Last year they just misfiled my completed return in their call list and when I called, every time they looked in the file they said it had not been completed yet when in reality it was done and just filed under the wrong last name. This year I spoke with the owner and told him of my bad experience. He said he'd make good on that. I just wanted to give this company another shot because I had gone there for quite a few years with no prior issues. Just trying to support local business.

Anyone know a GOOD RELIABLE tax professional in Plymouth MA?
Lemme know.

Quilt I won

I won this quilt at the Marshfield Fair back in the late 90's. It was created by some women from the Senior Center of Marshfield. What a score, I am finally displaying it in an easy to view place. In my previous location it was just in a dark hallway, this shot is toward the top of the ceiling of our livingroom area at our new house. The Fan pull is in the middle of the picture and our African Grey's cage is on the side, the window to the left has no trim around it but what the heck, at least there's a wall to hang the quilt on.

Spring & Summer = Yardsales!!!

I love to yardsale. Here are some things I picked up over the last two weekends.
Here are the cool things I got and started using or am planning to use. The house is a work in progress and will be that way for a while. So I will share my tore up place with you in hopes that someday you'll see what it turns into...