Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We had been house hunting for quite a while. I think we started looking toward the end of 2007. We began looking on-line and in the papers, toured many, and drove in areas we thought we wanted to live in when we had time, scoping out potential new areas. We had all these hopes for our new place to be. We (ok mostly me) wanted to have a decent size lot/yard. After a while I started wanting something a little bigger. By mid-house hunting I was expecting an acre and at least 2 bedrooms.
Then... I got laid off in March of 2008. House hunting got put on hold. We had an offer in the works on a house at the time, it was an old farmhouse in Plympton. Loved it!!! It had rental income from 2 units and a decent area for us to occupy. It had a little paddock out back and a nice yard on a quiet street with a great garden space, I had big plans, then the lay-off.

So, house hunting got put on hold for a while. I ended up becoming employed after a brief stint on unemployment. I started going to the classes at the unemployment office. Some of it was informational, some was just basic stuff, I found it helpful for the most part. I ended up networking into my new job. Pure luck bumping into Joel (my 'new' boss) at a local deli. I worked with/for him at a prior company. A few weeks later I interviewed for a position and was offered a job.

House hunting, back on!!! We start looking again. We went through some of the money we had compensating for what unemployment didn't cover. So the downpayment shrunk. Our expectations lowered, due to the houses we could afford and what we originally wanted. Reality. Well, we looked at quite a few made 2 more offers that went nowhere then lowered our expectations again. Hey, third times a charm right, or so they say - another handfull of houses and a new offer. This one was countered, we had had that happen before, a house with 3 acres in Middleboro. I liked that place a lot, but it had no cellar and needed a septic installed before we could buy it. Back to the 'third time' tangent... we made the offer, it was countered, we countered and it was accepted with negotiations.
YAY finally.
*happy dance*
To be continued...

The Big Debut

This is it... I have a blog and it's all set up.

I look forward to documenting the progress on our house and keeping in touch with people.

I welcome creative comments to help with my blogging.